Nature Picture Bomb

 I took these when I was at my daddys house this weekend. The snow is still not done melting, what is wrong with it? Oh spring, I deeply beg you to HURRY UP.
The last picture is quite emotional, ain't it? I feel wanderlust when I see it. I felt that too when I took it, I think , cuz' my dad had just surprised me a big deal with shouting "GO OUT YOU'VE BEEN SITTING INSIDE ALL DAY!" so I was a bit mad at him and wanted to go away... also because I'd had a really boring day and had nothing to photograph. So. Hope you enjoyed, and sorry for the lack of posts! I'm gonna tell Caroline to post too xD
more pictures from that day here and here.

And here's a song for you 'cuz I just bought it on itunes and I love Marina!!!

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