I'm not short, I'm a Hobbit!

So I just ordered this Hobbit robe!!! :DDD so excited for it to come!!! ;D hopefully Lea will get one too and we can go around and be hobbits together (we have the size for it, just not the feet XDD)
-Caroline xx



Okay, so today I got a new rabbit, he's called Luke (after Luke Skywalker XD) and he's just the cutest little thing!!! ^___^ I love him so much!! <3
-Caroline xxx


R.I.P. Jack.

So my rabbit was put down two days ago... :c i miss him a lot...
My boyfriend came yesterday to help me with burrying him.. I painted on a rock for his tomb stone.

R.I.P. Jack 2011-2013


Batman !!!

So I just ordered this Batman top!! ^^
-Caroline xxx


Yesterday, I and Caroline was at our common friend Clara's confirmation.(in Denmark you confirm your baptism when you are about 13-14)
She got a lot of nice gifts and we got some lovely things to eat! Yum!
It was a nice day and Clara looked lovely.


Never Take It Off.

okay, so I'm a huge fan of the singer Juliet Simms and her band Automatic Love Letter. So a little while ago I ordered one of her bracelets, the brand is called Never Take It Off. The meaning is to get one that means something to you (they all have different names and meanings) and then when you're tying it on your wrist you make a vow or a promise. I bought the Fallen Angel bracelet, because I'm a fan of Black Veil Brides and they were the inspiration to this bracelet, but I also bought because I kinda feel like one of the Fallen Angels from the story in the bible. I'm not religious in any way I just like the story. But I love my bracelet ^___^ <3
- Caroline xxx <3



So me and Lea performed with our theater team today, and it went really really well ^___^
My boyfriend and dad came to see me and my dad bought me a rose and I really liked it :D
-Caroline xxx